Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our "Fantasy of Well-Formed Ideas"

"... To believe the truth is to venture onto the holy ground of reality and not the fantasy of well-formed ideas. On holy ground we remove our shoes and remain silent – giving voice to words of praise letting words possess integrity. It is a very difficult thing indeed."

From a longer post, every word of which is well-worth the read.

Would that bloggers across the Christian spectrum cared more about truth and less about the fantasy of their own well-formed ideas, (and about the importance of publishing these ideas), I might have a renewed interest in reading again some of the blogs I've long ago abandoned.

Lord, have mercy.


DebD said...

Well, I know you don't want to name names...but I'm *dying* to know who got cut from the list. ;) I suspect though that you and I frequented very different blogs. But, that aside I like the quote so much and I hope you don't put yourself on the list.

I'm behind on my Fr. Stephen reading. Sometimes I need a little break from him, but it's more me than what he says. Thanks for pointing me to one I should take note of.

Emily H. said...

Guilty as charged!

Pray for us sinners!

Cha said...

Oh, for crying out loud - I certainly would not have made these comments about any who have ever offered a comment here. But I do see my own self in this wise statement - and it is perhaps the primary reason for my hesitancy to post on church-related matters in the past several months.

My concern (and maybe my sympathy) is for those inquirers into the Orthodox faith who look to the blogosphere to learn about it, instead of looking to the liturgy or to those who have been given the task of teaching the faith.

Because many times, those who publish confuse what it real and teachable about the faith with their own opinions and feelings about the faith. And most of the time, those two things are not at all the same. And the reader's notion of what the faith is becomes so easily distorted into something it isn't at all.

Lord have mercy on us all.

DebD said...

Hi Cha...

I'm not sure there are many inquirers to the faith who first go to blogs. I would think they tend to congregate on Orthodox forums or information places (such as Ortho-wiki). And then they would do what any modern person does - start their own blog ;)