Monday, August 30, 2010

Segregated Peace

It's now been over a week since I was at the height of frustration with our flock's one year old monarch, and I'm pleased to report that things have settled down considerably out in the yard. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it.

Seems we have reached a stage of relative segregated peace. That is to say that the chicks stay together and together they spend all of their time staying out of the way of the older hens. They are like a couple of shadows darting around in tandem, trying to stay two steps ahead of the other three. And the older hens seem less interested in tormenting them. They seem to have gotten the drift that the chicks aren't going anywhere, so they've resigned themselves to mostly ignoring them now. Oh there's still the occasional nip and peck, but nothing like the constant oppression of their first two weeks together.

And while the chicks spent the first week in the henhouse sleeping WAYYY on the other end of the roost on the opposite side of the house, one day last week they decided that they deserved a spot by the door, too, - it's cooler there - and because they are always the first ones to go to bed, they took over the hens' roosting spot (which I was sure would mean a new kind of trouble). And though the hens loudly protested, they squeezed in right next to the chicks for sleep (Miss Lucy provides and excellent buffer between the chicks and Betty.)

The hours (and I mean hours!) of daybreak squawking is suddenly reduced to 5 or 10 minutes - and with the recent heat and humidity we are thankful for the closed windows and doors of ourselves and our neighbors. Hopefully, we can soon return to squawking only when laying.

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s-p said...

Yay peace and quiet. Glad you didn't have to make chicken and dumplings to accomplish it. :)