Monday, December 7, 2009

Scenes From Lefse Day

An Old Norwegian Lefse Recipe
Yew tak yust ten big potatoes. Den yew cook dem til dar done. Yew add to dis sum sveet cream. And by cups it measures vun. Den yew steal tree ounce of booter, an vit two fingers, pinch sum salt. Yew beat dis werry lightly, if it ain’t goot--it iss yer own fault. Den yew roll dis tin, vit flour. Light brown on stove yew bake. Now call in all Scandihuvians tew try da fine lefse yew make.

We try to make a batch of lefse every year before Christmas. Last year we learned that as much fun as it is to make lefse, it's even more fun to make it with a few friends.

Because December Saturday schedules got filled up pretty quickly this year, Lefse Day became an after-work affair, Lefse Evening - and it was a long one! This year our gathering fell on the night of the first really good snowstorm of the winter. Traffic was bad, the roads were bad, and some forgot stuff at home and it could have been a really crabby event - but it was alot of fun. YoungerSon even got into the lefse action this year, while ElderSon happily attended a hockey game with a buddy instead.

Here are a few photos (cross-posted from FB).

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