Friday, November 6, 2009

Memory Eternal

Lutheran church music icon Paul Manz died last week at the age of 90. (Paul is pictured here with his wife, Ruth, who died in 2008.)

For 37 years, Paul served as Cantor at the parish for which I work, and as Cantor Emeritus there for the past seven years. His ministry at Mount Olive served as a sort of springboard for his tireless work to the larger church. Paul taught Lutheran Christians their song - what that song is and how to sing it well. It was my own song for many years, a song which has its own place in my heart and memory, a song I still sing often, along with a newer (actually older, but newer to me) song.

But Paul lives on in the work of those who were his students, in his published works and recordings, and in the memories of those who knew him. He was a great gift of God to the church.

In his last days, Paul's son John kept his family's friends updated on his father's condition while he and his siblings waited with him. In a note written a couple of days before Paul died, (which someone published a week ago on Facebook even!) John wrote - quoting Lutheran theologian Martin Marty - “Let him fall asleep now. God will wake him up.”

Surely God will wake him up. And I hope to be there when He does.


Emily H. said...

Sorry you lost someone dear to you. May his memory be eternal.

-C said...

Dear to me, yes, and dear to many Christians not just here in MN but across the country.