Monday, August 31, 2009

And the Winner is ...

I posted a long time ago about a family contest - a race. The idea was that if I could pay off my car before YoungerSon got his braces, I win (or at least I will be able to make my car payments payable to the orthodontist - which is as close to winning as the Transposzing parents are gonna get with this one.)
When the race started, YoungerSon still had a whole bunch of baby teeth. At the initial consult, the orthodontist said the baby teeth would have to be out before the braces could go on - and we were just hoping that some of those teeth would hang in there until my car was paid off.

Well, today the braces went on - even though YoungerSon still has one lonely baby tooth left (no fair!). My car is still a couple of months from being paid off - BUT - we paid off DearHusband's car last month.

So who won the race?

The orthodontist, I guess.

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