Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Icons at Church

Knowing that some new iconography was going to be installed on the walls of our church last week, I took a few days off from work hoping to be able to watch some of this installation project up close, hoping to get some photos of the installation for the church's website photogallery, and hoping to be able to visit a little with the iconographer while he is in town.

I was fortunate to be able to do all of these things during those few days - YoungerSon came along each day and was as fascinated as I was. Six new icons now adorn the walls of our church, in the spaces between the windows. These new icons, in combination with the icon of the Theotokos over the altar, depict various verses of the Canons. Here are the new icons (forgive the glare from the flash of my cheap camera, and click on the images for a better look):

I was amazed at just how "at home" they looked, right from the minute they were put up on the walls - how the whole interior of the church was sort of tied together by the new iconography on the walls. It's almost as if the whole interior of the church is one large icon. The St. Paul paper wrote a little piece on the project in this past Saturday's paper.

What a good several days it was! A couple of folks from the church (including YoungerSon and me) assisted in various ways - and even though our tasks were quite small, it was a blessing to feel a part of the project. Iconographer Nick Papas was patient and gracious in the midst of his work to answer my many questions not only about this particular project, but about iconography in general - gave me lots of food for thought.

Now I'm off to assemble a couple of pages of photos of the installation for the church's website photogallery.

Thanks be to God for this wonderful work which will teach and inspire those who see it for many years to come!


William Weedon said...

Beautiful and breathtaking. I love everything except for the light switches!!!

-C said...

How can you not love the light switches? I commented specifically to the iconographer how I found it sort of moving that such care was taken to incorporate them.

Think for a second about a plain white switchplate in place of these and see if you don't agree?

William Weedon said...

But couldn't they have been moved elsewhere? It just seems odd to see them IN the icon!

-C said...

Not unless they moved them near the floor. The entire walls on either side of the church are now completely filled with icons. Iconographic background was painted between each icon to sort of connect them all. Also, moving the switches would have been a nighmare, not only in what it would have cost to have the wires cut and fished to a different switch, but also in the very scary area of what happens when you start doing demolition on 100-year old plaster walls. This was the only practical option.

They did end up having to move two wall mounted light fixtures at the last minute, as it seems that both Daniel and Jonah, looking heavenward, were staring right into the lights, which were about a foot from their faces.

Michelle M. said...

How beautiful!

Emily H. said...

Wow! I'd love to see a panorama view of all the new icons.

-C said...

I'm working on it, Emily. I'm going to try to get a little video together - it will be easier to see the icons if I get it sometime other than at worship. So perhaps on Sunday after church or on Saturday before Vespers. If it turns out OK, I'll (try to) post it!