Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I Spent Mother's Day

We drove down to DearHusband's hometown to have lunch with his mom - and came home with our 2 new hens.

They seem pretty happy in their new home (but what do I know?). I'm not sure how much I'd like a complete change of life as I've always known it all within a few hours. They are now separated from their 2 sisters with whom they've lived their whole 1 year of life, taken their first really long car ride, and taken up residence outside instead of inside...and I'm told they're moulting, to boot (though I sure can't tell yet).

As you can see from the photo, the stress of the day hasn't seemed to have affected their appetites! And they aren't one bit afraid of that big dog, either.

Well, if we all make it through this first night, it should get easier from here on, right?

(Meanwhile, the little girls in the brooder will move to a larger brooder tomorrow, as they have outgrown the one they are currently in).


DebD said...

How fun! It should get easier, as long as you don't have predators.

-C said...

The fellow who built the coop for us constructed it with predators in mind - cement stones all around the base and poultry netting over the run. At the moment, predators are the least of my worries.

They seemed to come through their first night outside with flying colors - and are happily enjoying their breakfast and doing some exploring in the run this morning.

Andrea Elizabeth said...

I've just started gardening and when I go check on it I pray for it to be fruitful and multiply. May your chickens be healthy and egg-bearing!