Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy Eight

Borrowed in an invited self-tag from Mimi

Eight Things I am looking forward to:

1. a week of vacation, beginning 5/11
2. the installation of new iconography at our church in June
3. fresh eggs from our own girls (that'll be awhile yet)
4. this week's visit of a good friend from CA
5. getting our garden in and the flower boxes planted
6. finishing the icon I am currently working on (that'll be awhile, too)
7. harvesting some rhubarb
8. the smell of clothes and linens fresh from the clothesline

8 Things I did yesterday:
(Umm, I started this post on Monday, so these are 8 things I did on Sunday)
1. had a delightful visit to my former Lutheran digs
2. enjoyed burgers on the grill with family and friends
3. also made s'mores for the first time this spring
4. deleted a whole bunch of links to things I used to read online (an ongoing project)
5. dragged out and filled the bird bath
6. read the paper
7. went to the grocery store
8. pulled a few weeds in the perennial bed (very few)

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. find/make time to read - books (not online)
2. calligraphy
3. play the organ - or any instrument, really
4. de-clutter (more)
5. build stuff
6. save money
7. stop procrastinating
8. sleep in

8 Shows I Watch
Ha! I don't watch 8 shows. But these are the ones I look for or love to catch

1. Law and Order - any variety
2. CSI, any location
3. the local news (almost religiously)
4. occasionally I watch the food network.

8 Tags.
As Mimi said, "You're it!"


Mimi said...

Firstly, I love your graphic, very cool!

What a lovely treat to have spent time with good friends, such a fantastic thing to do, and I agree, fresh eggs will be wonderful.

-C said...

The graphic was snagged from Google images and is not a result of any creativity of my own (thought I kinda liked it, too!)