Sunday, May 24, 2009

Avian Update

The Transposzing family has been busy in the past couple of weeks (part of the reason for my lack of updated posts). But I've been asked by a couple of folks to post some photos of the girls, so here they are.

The little girls, who used to look like this:

Now look like this:

They're sort of at that awkward teenager stage - mostly feathered with little bits of down sticking out here and there, and some patches with neither feather nor down, but which will soon be feathered. They have gotten along famously and continue to spend their days in a (now greatly enlarged) brooder, dumping their food all over the floor and trying to sort out who gets to be the boss of them. This shouldn't be too hard - there's only two of them! And of course, once they get that sorted out, they'll soon discover that neither of them are the boss, because once they get out to the coop with the big girls, they will be low chickens on the totem pole, simply because of their size.

Once we offically adopted Miss Flora, we renamed her at the suggestion of the friend who gave her to us - she was part of a threesome originally: Flora Fauna, and Merriweather. Once he gave Flora away, it seemed rather silly to just have a Fauna and Merriweather, so he renamed his two buff Orpingtons and encouraged us to do the same. So Wilma's adopted sister is Betty, even though we know that naming our two chicks Wilma and Betty rather dates us. (Once when our boys were little we bought some Flintstone's children's multi-vitamins for them at Target, and ElderSon's only comment was, "What's a Flintstone?" *sigh*)

The big girls seem to love their new home in the 'burbs. They settled in as soon as we got them home and gave us two fine eggs the very next morning. In fact, they have given us two fine eggs every day, which we have enjoyed! We've got a little waiting list of folks who want eggs and are sort of handing them out in half-dozens. We eat a few and then give a few away. Here's what's in the fridge at the moment:

As it turned out, we renamed the big girls, too. They came to us with the names given to them by my brother-in-law's young children, Docilea and Flash. We had no trouble remembering Flash, but could never remember Docilea's name - mostly we just remembered that it started with a D. So we gave them different names, Lucy and Ruby. New names, new home, new family - lots of changes came very quickly for them, but they seem to have taken it all in stride and are delightful, hard-working girls.

Here are a couple of additional shots:

The big girls seem to love their new digs:

DearHusband and Ruby (blurry cell phone shot):



Seems the chickens have been a bit of a curiosity in the neighborhood, too! We've now visited at length with several neighbors we've lived near for over a dozen years and never really spoken with. Many have stopped by to see them and to ask about them - one neighbor even volunteered to chicken-sit while we are away (if she can keep whatever eggs she gets!). So chicken ownership has had some unforseen benefits, too.

Now that we have sort of fallen into a good routine with the new chicks and chickens, we are slowly getting back to life-as-usual ... it's just a little fuller now. And a little more fun.


DebD said...

very cool... thanks for the updates and enjoy those eggs.

s-p said... have they told you which came first yet? :)

::Sylvia:: said...


Just wanted to let you know I responded to your post on my blog. I hope I have not offended you but I think you missed the point I was trying to make. Also, keep in mind that the comment "homosexuality is the root of all evil" was made by another blogger, not myself.

Please forgive me if I have offended you but it is a very touchy subject for me right now...

Off topic-love the pics of the chickens! Getting ready to post some of my own!

-C said...

Actually, it's on topic! (and I have posted my reply on your blog)