Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sister, Sister

The little girls in our chick brooder have been getting along famously, and life has been happy and playful and peaceful down there for the past several days. They are growing fast and getting more and more feathers every day (Check out Wilma's new wing feathers!).

Our priest, from whom we borrowed the "loaner chick" dropped a note to us today. He's been contemplating his new coop, which he thinks is perhaps just a wee bit tight for 5 hens, and trying to decide what modifications to make to allow for a bit more room. He decided that the best and easiest way to make more room in his coop would be to house one less hen in it.

So in his note today he asked whether we might consider adopting Flora the Loaner Chick, so that she could stay with Wilma, and so there would be a bit more breathing room in his coop once everyone is grown up and in there.

Of course we were only too happy to keep her. Deep down inside I wonder if this wasn't his plan from the moment he agreed to let us take her "for awhile."

But whether his kind offer was a matter of geniune practicality or of pastoral care or a bit of both, it's a win-win situation - and Wilma has a sister.


s-p said...

That's have a good, compassionate priest. (I've never had one that raised chickens, so that's cool too!)

-C said...

Indeed we do - and it's also nice to have at least someone among our friends who doesn't think we are nuts for doing this!

Mimi said...