Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The First Robin of Spring

I saw him today.

Actually, YoungerSon heard him first (recognizing his song from the aforementioned clock in the kitchen).

Knowing that I have been keeping my eye out for a robin for at least a couple of weeks, he came to get me when he heard it singing outside and we went searching for him together, finding him on a bare limb in the neighbor's tree.

This isn't the very robin we saw, because it's dusk and I'd never get a decent shot at this time of the day. So I'm sharing this one from a Google image search.

Spring is finally here (but in Minnesota, that doesn't necessarily mean it's done snowing!)

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DebD said...

I love looking for the first robin of spring... It makes my heart leap to see them. Ours come early too and then they leave and come back again.