Monday, February 9, 2009

Put Not Your Trust in Princes

Or your automatic admiration, either ...

I read with interest Steve Robinson's very sensible approach to Orthodox Celebrities, written just after the Polamalu-hype in the Orthodox blogosphere. His take makes such good sense to me and put words on exactly why I thought it was so weird. (Perhaps this makes me a curmudgeon, too).

Here's one good reason to think twice about making some sort of American Orthodox idol out of folks in the limelight who happen to be Orthodox:

(It seems that I have seen virtually nothing in the Orthodox blogosphere about him recently.)

The truth is that whether we are professional athletes or famous actors or rock stars, or whether we are the butcher, the baker, or even certain candlestick makers, all are strugglers ... me, you, A-Rod, Polamalu ... everyone. It's just that some of us have the luxury of keeping our struggles out of the newspapers.

Lots of famous people are Orthodox. It's best to keep things in perspective.

(Blogger note: I totally love that Ortho-blogger Christopher Orr is on this list! Our boys kids have watched "The Mighty Ducks" a million times and I have yet to see it even once. But I'll be watching the next time it's on for sure!)

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Mimi said...

Yeah, I cringed too, and IIRC, mentioned ARod on SP's post.