Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Favorite Lenten Activity

Lent is upon us once again, and I always look forward to working on pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) during these weeks.

I got a bit of an early start this year and have managed to get a few simple ones done already.


DebD said...

Those are lovely! Have you ever been to fellow ORtho-blogger and pysanky maker's blog: Andrea at "Words, Words, Words"?? She's been sharing her beautiful creations too.

-C said...

I've been to her blog a couple of times but have missed this - what lovely work she does!

Thanks for the heads up - I will keep my eye on it and follow her work, too.

mamajuliana said...

These are the simple ones? WOW! The are beautiful! I tried pysanky when I was younger-but I guess that I didn't have the patience, (or the eyesight!)

Beautiful...just beautiful!

-C said...

Thank you.
I had learned to do pysanky in an art class in Jr. High school - then picked it up again over 20 years later. So it's never too late!

I'll not address the eyesight issue. I'll just say that watching me do pysanky - or work on icons - is never a pretty sight. :-)

Andrea Elizabeth said...

Wow, I think you may have been doing it longer than I have. Very nice lines. I can't seem to get a constant flow of wax, so I sort of sketch my lines on, going over it multiple times. My kids can get the same stylus to flow smoothly. Or do you use a kiska?

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

-C said...

We've been diong it for many years (since long before I was Orthodox!). But I confess that about 10 years ago, we broke down and purchased an electric kistka...then we purchased 2 more!

I must admit that though I used to turn my nose up at the notion of using an electric tool for pysanky - I would never go back to using a manual one now (though I have a whole box full of them).

Keep posting pictures of your work Andrea! I could look at pysanky photos all day.

Emily H. said...

-C, those are very pretty. Where do you come up with the designs you use?

-C said...

A variety of places, but mostly from design books purchased here:

We are fortunate to have this store only a couple of miles from our house. I also get ideas from the work of the lady who owns/runs this store - she does pysanky every day year round!

(I noticed last year that the brocade patterns on many priests' vestments also make for great egg designs, so I've done a little looking at these patterns up close online ... and at church. Haven't tried one yet, tho.)

Andrea Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing your secret! I might have to get one of those.

I also think about Pysanki when looking at vestments. :)

Mimi said...

I am in awe. You are amazing.