Friday, December 12, 2008

Who Would YOU Say He Is?

Each week as I prepare the Sunday bulletin at the church where I work, I have to select an image or graphic for the cover. I try to choose an image which is related to the Gospel text for the day, but some weeks this is easier than other weeks.

To assist me in this task, I have several CD-ROM disks full of images - some even arranged according to the appropriate Sunday. Sadly the publishing house of the church for which I work has published 3 such series of images for every Sunday use, and the images have become worse with each edition (their latest series is stick people - stick people! I simply refuse to use images which depict Jesus Christ or the saints or anyone else as stick people.) Anyway, I most often use art from a very nice Roman Catholic resource I also have there.

So for Lutherans, this week's Gospel lesson is the testimony of John the Baptist - where everyone's asking John, "Who are you?" and after all their guessing, John describes himself as the "voice of one crying in the wilderness." You all know the story...

The Catholic resource I regularly use did not have an image for this particular lesson - which was sort of strange (it's not like it's some kind of obscure reading that no one's ever heard of or something). Sadly, I had to opt to use an image from one of the other resources.

So here's the cover of this Sunday's bulletin. Who would YOU say that he is?

Looking at him here, I would not guess the Messiah, or Elijah, or the prophet.

Here's who I would have guessed he is:

He is not the light -

but he has come to bear witness to the freshness of the vegetables canned at the factory in LeSuer, MN.


Dixie said...

That was the first thought I had the minute I saw the picture!!! Have you seen the "bigger than life" monument of the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth? I have!

There was an animal health company in LeSueur that fell under my responsibilities for Quality in the mid 1990's. I would drive up from Iowa several times a year...once got iced in, in Blue Earth. It was a lovely drive along the river valley--especially in the fall.

The veterinary pharmaceutical plant has since been sold. Similarily, all that is left in LeSueur of the Green Giant is history...the cannery there was closed a while back.

Sorry you didn't have another option for a bulletin cover...methinks more than a few of those Minnesotans are gonna make the same connection! ;)

-C said...

Actually, he's also on a billboard high atop a hill right on Hwy 169 in Le Seur, MN - we drive by him every time we go to my mother in law's house.

As a friend said about this - he actually points to St. Peter (the name of the town next to LeSeur).

Dixie said...

I remember the billboard well! I actually once had a dream that we would retire to winter in Florida and summer in St. Peter's. St. Peter was my most favorite little town...until the tornado came and caused damage to the old Victorian homes there. I used to stay at the AmericInn in St. Pete's. Great memories! Thanks for them.

Emily H. said...

Yep. He looks like the Jolly Green Giant.

Along the lines of "who do you say he is"... Yesterday evening we were all at the church getting the bulletin done and setting up for Sunday. One of those Richard Hook paintings of Jesus hangs in the church office. Evelyn looked at it and asked, "who is that guy?". - She didn't recognize Jesus in that picture of a "guy".

If one doesn't see Jesus in a classic Hook painting, I can only imagine how hard it would be to see Christ Incarnate in a stick figure. Unless you're really, really good at drawing stick people? ;P

Matthew Garrett said...

Seeing the comparison between the two, one thing is perfectly clear. The Jolly Green Giant should grow a beard.

-C said...


DebD said...

Oh my! That is a terrible picture. Don't they have scenery options, liver rivers or foliage and such? Perhaps you can use those when you can't find an appropriate picture.

Mimi said...

I have to admit, I did "get" that it was St. John the Forerunner, but there is a bit of leafyness to it.