Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Vortex

I get this same sensation every year about this time - like I'm on the outside edge of the great Holiday vortex, and there's little I can do to keep from getting sucked in, spinning faster and faster until December 26.

Priorities for this weekend (not in order of importance): Haircuts for me and YoungerSon, purchase and decorate a Christmas tree, get someone to snap a family photo for Christmas cards (then write the Christmas epistle and get the cards in the mail), bake bread for church, make lefse and krumkake, choir rehearsal and Vespers and church, get a couple of new tires on the front of my car, laundry, and Christmas shopping Sunday afternoon (we haven't even started!).

Next week it will be work (which is plenty busy just now, though I'm in much better shape there than I am at home as far as preparations for Christmas are concerned!), wrapping gifts, church, and the trek to southwest MN and back on Christmas Day (I'm really hoping for better weather this year!).

I am beginning to think that the Old Calendarists are on to something. To celebrate Christmas thirteen days after the rest of the world would certainly afford any American Christian a few days to actually contemplate the meaning of the feast.


DebD said...

Wow, you are busy. I'm going to begin some baking next week and hopefully we'll be done with shopping over the weekend. We're *trying* to keep it simple.

Philippa said...

My priest said the same exact thing about Old Calendar! He said it was a big mistake to move to the New Calendar for exactly the reason you state!

-C said...

I think your priest is right, Phillipa.
I'm dreaming of an Old Calendar Christmas - just like the ones I've never known.