Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pre-Christmas Snowstorm

We're having a good winter snowstorm in the Twin Cities today. It started this morning and it's rumored that it won't wind down until tomorrow at around suppertime. Being stuck in the house means that we're able to get a few items crossed off our pre-Christmas to-do list:

Last night we got our Christmas tree up and decorated - finally.

Today we worked on holiday baking. So far we've managed to crank out rosettes, krumkake, lefse, lebkuchen, and carmel puffcorn. Would have been nice to make some fruitcake, too, but we didn't have the right supplies on hand -- and we're not going out to get them! Sis and a couple of friends joined us for lefse and krumkake making this morning, and they were able to take some goodies home for their own enjoyment and entertaining, too.

It's my week to bake prosphora for church. Taking a baking tip from a more experienced baker at church, I baked late last night (her thought being that if it doesn't come out well on Friday night, she still has Saturday to take a second run at it). Mine seemed to turn out OK last night, but the trick will be getting it to church. Normally, bakers are to have it at church by Saturday Vespers - but we're not driving across town in this weather for Vespers tonight. Our priest said that he'll stop by after Vespers this evening and pick it up - unless it's even worse by then, in which case he'll stop early in the morning instead (the bread is needed during liturgy preparation long before people get to church).

Sis had errands to run after our baking session and a show to attend this evening, so today we are puppy sitting (ideally) until after the show, when she plans to come back and pick the puppy up. But I'm just guessing that we will be hosting a sleepover ...

I also came up with a simple Christmas letter to go out with cards, got some laundry done, and even managed to tidy up a bit.

DearHusband has a lovely pot of soup on the stove and some bread in the oven for supper, and it looks like we will sort of hunker down here for the night - should give me a bit of time to work on Christmas cards.

Then all we have to do is the Christmas shopping. But we have good lists and can hopefully take care of that on Monday evening, leaving us Tuesday to wrap. Who knows? Shopping at the last moment might even lead us to find some great bargains.



DebD said...

Wow - that looks like a lot of snow. We're going to get ice and freezing rain (yuck)... and our church attendance will be up in the air until we assess the conditions tomorrow. I hate missing church.

The baked goods look very yummy!

Mimi said...

Wow! You stay safe and warm.

And, yum! Rosettes - I haven't had them in years.

Grace said...

Any chance you could send me the recipe and how-tos for your Rosettes?

I have never seen anything like that and would love to try them. My email is grace.fragoso@gmail (dot) com

thank you!

Cha said...

Grace -
Not from around here, are you? :-) Here in Minnesota, rosettes are a staple of every Scandinavian Christmas.
First you have to find a rosette iron (you can find them very cheap on EBay). We use my mother-in-law's "vintage" set - still in the box! And on the box is printed the recipe. But if you find the iron without the box, here's a link to the recipe:
Nordic Ware is the source of all decent scandinavian cooking implements, so if you don't find a set at EBay, you are sure to be able to order a set online at their website. Also, I noticed the other day that Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries them, too, if you have a store close by.