Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend in Review

Friday - Our 15th wedding anniversary, and a perfect reminder to me that I am the luckiest woman in the world. We went out for a lovely dinner together with ElderSon (YoungerSon was playing at a friend's house that evening) - a nice way to celebrate the day.

Saturday morning - With much sadness, the Transposzing family said goodbye to our sweet old cat, Bob. Bob had been failing noticeably in the last couple of months, and then dramatically in the last few days. Our sister in law - a veterinarian - graciously made a housecall on Saturday and ended his suffering in the comfort of his home. He was the last of our original family of 5 felines (when we got married, DearHusband had 3 cats and I had 2). For the first time in our lives together, our family is down to 1 cat and 1 litterbox. He was a fixture in our family. We miss him.

Saturday morning/afternoon - I was delighted to participate in a little baking seminar. The prosphora-matron of our parish and her daughter hosted a tutorial session for those who wanted to learn to bake church bread. So a few of us gathered for an educational and fun afternoon of baking. We prepared 2 batches of bread, one kneaded by hand and the other utilizing the kneading dough-hook of a Kitchen-aid mixer (OK, I'm glad that we have one of these! Mixing food with my hands has always been a bit weird for me. I can do it, but I am averse to being up to my wrists in dough - I just don't like stuff on my hands. My mom always warned me that this quirkiness would render me useless as a bread baker). Anyway, the prosphora seemed to turn out fine, but I gotta work on the imprint a bit (the imprint on mine completely disappeared during rising and baking. Guess I have to push the stamp in a little deeper).

During the rising and baking, we enjoyed a delicious lunch together, which was a fun opportunity to get to know each other a little better. After baking, we sent one batch of 4 loaves to church for Sunday's liturgy, and we divvied up the other batch of 4 loaves among the participants, with the instructions to take it home and eat it (most of our loaf was gone before Vespers that afternoon!). My assignment from the class: go home and try again to get a decent imprint on the loaves, and when I get that down, call the prosphora-matron and get a spot in the baking rotation. Okay, then.

Sunday - Having just received notification that our cookbook proof was on it's way, I spent Sunday afternoon and evening madly printing out all of the original recipes I'd received for the book by email, and assembling them with the hard copy recipes that I'd been handed, in order that the proofing crew can compare the original submissions and the cookbook proof to be sure that all is in order before the book is printed. (Other committee members used coffee hour after iturgy to do some quick recruiting of a proofing crew, but we discovered when the proof was delivered yesterday that it was only a proof of the cover - so the heat's off that crew for about a week, it seems. But still, I'm very happy that I got it all done on Sunday anyway).

Monday - a return to my regular schedule, which I welcomed.

I am a hopeless creature of habit and routine.


William Weedon said...

Happy anniversary, -C! And my condolences on Bob. I know how hard that it is. And congrats on the path to becoming a Prophora-lady!

Kate said...

I was so sorry to hear about Bob. He was a sweetie. And I am reminded that sometimes the best way to deal with sadness is to do something routine, normal, comforting....like baking bread.

DebD said...

Happy Anniversary and Many Years! My seals seem to disappear when mine rise too. Have fun experimenting.

Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary and Many Years!

I've never made prosphora, but yours is gorgeous. Someday....

Monica said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto.

I hope you find making prosphora as rewarding as I have. Our parish has no "queen" and the priest has more than once had to use his imagination to find the seal on my loaf!

-C said...

Pr. Weedon -
The irony of your statement about being on the path to becoming a prosphora lady does not escape me. When I was a kid, membership on Altar Guild and Women's Circles were THE signal that you were really an old church lady.

Kate - He was a sweetie, and it's not quite the same around here without him. We're getting used to a new normal.

Deb - There is a delicate balance to the press, I'm told. Too much pressure and your loaf is ruined, not enough and the imprint disappears. If at first you don't succeed ...

Mimi - This, of course, is not my loaf -

Monica - I'm told our priest is good at using his imagination (maybe he squints or something...) but that our deacon enjoys the challenge a little less.

Thank you all for your anniversary wishes!

s-p said...

Condolences... on Bob, not your anniversary. :) We had a rash of putting pets to sleep because we got all of them when our kids were young. Getting old is a joyful sorrow at times.

Gern said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! How ironic that the only error in your blog was in the mention of the proofing process : ) LOVE the icons!

-C said...

Thanks for the (now quite) belated anniversary greeting, pal!
(You will note if you read carefully that I noted that I made a crummy imprint on my prosphora and even that the lovely imprint pictured was not my loaf, but someone else's.)
But I'm glad you like the icons - high praise coming from a real, honest-to-goodness art-teest!) If you like, I'll find an icon of St. Gern (I mean, St. Catherine) for you to paint and you can give it a try!