Sunday, November 2, 2008


Sis is looking for a canine companion to replace the beloved boxer that she lost several months ago. I'm not sure just how she ended up with these 2 adorable sisters (Australian Shepherd-Lab mix littermates), but she's got them both for a week. Even though she isn't looking for a puppy - and especially not 2 puppies - she's fostering these pups for the next week, sort of being a practice-puppy-parent. She will have the option of keeping one or both of them at the end of the week if it works out.

She brought them over to our house to see if we could discern a preference for one over the other. Indeed we could! DearHusband preferred "Spot" and I preferred "Brownie" (not their real names, of course - because to name them is sort of a commitment, and she isn't willing to make a commitment just yet.)

It was a bit of a frustrating day for the Transposzing family today. ElderSon got "clotheslined" this afternoon while running through the neighbor's yard (he saw the lines that were pulled tightly, but didn't see the sagging line, which caught him under his nose as he ran, knocking him backwards on his bum and sending his eyeglasses flying into the leaves somewhere. We looked and looked and could not find them.

Shortly thereafter, while DearHusband and YoungerSon were taking a friend home from post-church play, they were riding in our van and randomly, one of the huge side windows in the van just shattered. There is no evidence of a hole in the window from a rock or (heaven-forbid!) a BB or bullet of any kind - but every inch of the window is shattered. Weird.

Thankfully, the 1-hour eyeglasses place from which we purchased ElderSon's lost glasses was still open and in their last open hour of the day, made him a new pair of glasses.

Thankfully, YoungerSon had moved out of the seat next to the shattered window and up to the front passenger's seat just moments before the window shattered - so no one was hurt in that strange incident.

Sadly we are out $160 for new glasses plus whatever it will cost us to get the van window replaced.

But thankfully, Sis brought these delightful girls over for a bit this afternoon, which sort of makes these and the other frustrations of the day melt away for a bit. What's better to take your mind off your frustrations than a couple of puppies?


DebD said...

what cute puppies! I'm glad everyone was okay after the glass shattered.

-C said...

Yes, we are also thankful that no one was hurt - and that insurance will cover it 100% -and that the window will be replaced tomorrow.

Mimi said...

I'm not even a dog person, and agree about the cuteness.

Whew! so gald that everyone is ok!

-C said...

She kept the white puppy, and named her Harriet.