Thursday, November 27, 2008

Practical Pet Possibility

OK, last spring I mentioned in this forum that I thought it might be sort of neat to have a couple of chickens to supply and support my Lenten pysanky habit.

Then this past summer, when DearHusband and the boys were visiting his mom in southwest MN, he learned that his brother is keeping some chickens (to supply his really-fresh-egg-eating habit.) These chickens are being kept in the garage on the QT - for some reason this little town has an ordinance against residents keeping chickens. During that visit, DearHusband visited his brother's house and got a look at his chickens - 4 Buff Orpingtons (he also snagged a dozen eggs to bring home and found them in every way to be better than the old grocery store eggs).

So when he returned from his visit home last summer, DearHusband waxed eloquent about his brother's chickens - how quiet and sweet they were, and how lucky his brother is to have fresh eggs so close at hand.

Well, today on our visit to DearHusband's hometown for Thanksgiving, I took my brother-in-law aside and asked him about his chickens (because, of course, my mother-in-law has no knowledge of these fugitives), and he told me to hop in the car and he would take me to see them for myself. Because his invitation came precisely at the beginning of the great washing of Thanksgiving dinner dishes, I accepted his offer.

Well, I must admit that I could see why DearHusband took an instant liking to these girls - they were sweet, indeed - affectionate, even , with my brother in law. There were 4 fresh eggs waiting for him when we arrived! They were quiet and beautiful. He told me all about how to take care of them and also about what good pets they actually are, too.

So now I think I might want a couple of chickens. Not a whole coopful or anything, just a couple - maybe 3.

I'm not sure what our own city ordinances allow in terms of chickens. I do know of a couple of urban chicken farmers in Minneapolis. But we are actually in a suburb of St. Paul, so I'm thinking I have to check with the city to see what the rules are. So I'm going to call tomorrow and see.

Just for good measure, DearHusband encouraged me to call from my cell phone and not the land line (City Hall's only 2 blocks away) ...


DebD said...

I hope you do it! I've been pining for chickens again. We used to have some "on the QT" as well :) I even had them in a "chicken tractor", but that was before a few more houses went up behind us.

The garage is an interesting idea.

-C said...
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-C said...

Typos ... check twice, post once.

My BIL also has a chicken tractor, but says his chickens don't like it. So he's offered it to us in the event we find that we can use it.

2 or 3 chickens ... what could be the harm? And the benefits could be great!

Anonymous said...

SIL has 6 chickens. They just started laying eggs. She LOVES her chickens! I've pics somewhere on my blog of the coop, aptly names "Cluckingham Palace."


Emily H. said...

One of our parishioners has chickens that lay green and blue eggs. I wonder what your pysanky would look like then?!

-C said...

Cluckingham Palace - a good one!

Emily - I've never seen green and blue eggs, except for robin's eggs. It would be fun and interesting to experiment with them! (I have thoughts now of lime and blueberry flavored eggs...)