Thursday, November 27, 2008

Listening and Hearing

I'll get a bunch of listening time today as the Transposzing family journeys to southwest MN to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends there.

I'm hoping that it will be a good opportunity to listen to The Path to Prayer, the much-raved-about podcast series presented by the OCA's new Metropolitan, +Jonah.

DearHusband graciously downloaded this 5-part series to my MP3 player, and I have listened to the first of the five parts. In fact, I've listened to that first part three times. And the truth is I could listen to that first part about 3 more times and still hear things I missed (such is the way of life for this distracted Christian). This first part speaks so directly to many things in my life at the moment - and at all moments, really.

If the other 4 parts are anything like the first part, I will have edifying and very helpful listening material for the next year.

May God grant me ears to hear.

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Mimi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and what a blessed way to travel, enjoy!