Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're With the Band

As someone who really doesn't care one whit about football, I count myself very lucky to have married a spouse who doesn't care one whit about it either.

But strangely enough, though ElderSon doesn't play on his school's football team - we spent last evening in the bleachers at the high school in a loud, screaming crowd of squirrely high school students and some somewhat less-squirrely parents, getting ourselves a good case of bleacher-bum, while ElderSon played in the pep band for last night's game.

ElderSon's only in middle school, but his resourceful band director arranged a joint band experience with the high school pep band for this last home game of the season. They got to play a couple of numbers at halftime, which, during the whole first half of the game, we thought would never come.

But it did come, and the combined bands tromped out onto the the field and played very well. Once the band's little halftime gig was over, I looked at DearHusband and said, "Well, are you ready to go home?"

Of course he was.

So we connected with ElderSon via cell phone on our way to the car to see if he also wanted to go home, since his gig was overwith. He did not - so we went home anyway and returned to pick him up after the game.

Lesson learned: Just because you very intentionally put musical instruments instead of footballs into the hands of your young sons doesn't mean you aren't going to spend a few Friday nights in the bleachers.


Mimi said...

That is true.

I find myself in the bleachers watching the high school, as my younger one is mentored by them.

s-p said...

I was a band parent for 4 years, marching, concert, symphony AND a "real band" on the side. His marching band always played in major competitions too. The kids remember that you showed up to watch them march etc. Just do it. :)