Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Traveling

The Transposzing family returned last night from a brief visit to out of town family in SW Minnesota and NW Iowa, traveling the first leg of the journey Saturday afternoon to Sanborn, MN to stay overnight, and leaving there early Sunday morning to be at our niece's Confirmation in NE Iowa by 9 am.

The trip down there was beautiful - rolling prairie hills and almost-harvested fields, the trees were at or just-barely-past peak, so it was great for autumn sight-seeing.

As we neared our Saturday destination, DearHusband pointed out the wind farm at Buffalo Ridge, which was visible on the horizon. It was sort of eerily strange to see the long line of huge turbines on the ridge, spinning and harvesting the renewable resource which is in no short supply in that part of the state - wind. The turbines stood looming next to the trees and the barns and the elevators, looking a bit out of place, yet I thought they were a hopeful sort of a vision. This turbine was right next to the road and it was sort of cool to see one up close.

After the confirmation service in Iowa on Sunday, we had a wonderful lunch and began the journey home. It was very windy, but sunny and beautiful when we left Iowa, but about halfway home we noticed the skies turned that familiar shade of gray - not the sort of gray that the skies turn when it's going to rain, but that very distinct gray it gets when it's going to snow. Shortly thereafter it did snow - and the combination of snow and wind made for that sort of long drive that I dread. But after about an hour of the wind and snow (we saw children sliding in one town!), we drove out of the snow and finished the trip in only a little rain.

I wasn't ready for snow just yet.

I'm still not ready.


Emily H. said...

-C, we saw the turbines too when we visited our family in Duluth. The kids thought it was neat to see so many of them. I think MN's landscape is much prettier but I don't envy the snow!!

-C said...

The landscape's a bit flat down in those parts, but my husband loves it and feels a real connection to the prairie, having grown up there.

Your kids are right though, the turbines are pretty cool.