Monday, October 6, 2008

A Thought and a Question

The thought:
I think that if St. Luke, the first iconographer, had been able to use a couple of Sharpies, the whole art form might have evolved into something a bit more accessible.

The question:
How many times to you have to paint over a problem portion of an icon before it technically becomes a sculpture?


Dixie said...


Seriously, however, since iconography is a spiritual endeavor there may be a reason completely unrelated to art that could be keeping you from doing this right now. Have you discussed this difficulty with an iconographer? I'll ask my priest next time I see him about the times when this happens and what he does.

Kate said...

Two words: razor blade

-C said...

Interesting thought, Kate ... but i have two different words in mind.


-C said...

The answer to the question: I'm not sure how many times you have to re-paint a section before it technically becomes a sculpture - but I do know that I had to re-paint this section 14 times before I got it right.


There were oodles of lessons learned here that I won't go into...but in retrospect, it wasn't time wasted.