Friday, October 31, 2008

Grumpy Americans

It seems to be a particularly grumpy time in America just now. I know I'm grumpier than usual (and I'm actually a little grumpy to begin with, so this is a particularly bad thing for me) - and really think I could benefit from a five-day media strike. Five days - that oughta do it - until the election is overwith.

I find that I don't have time for much of anything that anyone's got to say at the moment - because it's all about politics and "why my-candidate-of-choice is the righteous candidate and the other candidate is just-plain-evil." As if it's not bad enough that we are bombarded with negative campaign ads by the TV, radio, newspapers and just about every other news source - now even much of the Christian blogosphere has turned from thoughts and writings of God and Church to negative campaigning for their candidate of choice - mostly based on a single issue. (Not all of my reads have succumbed to this, thank God, but a whole bunch of them have).

We might say or think that it's all a bunch of bunk anyway and that we really aren't listening to it - but you know what? We are hearing it whether we are listening to it or not ... and it does affect us. It's evident in the way we go about our daily lives, in the way we think about each other and interact with each other. Negative campaigning is weaving itself in the fabric of pre-election American culture, and it isn't pretty.

It's exhausting and it makes me not want to vote at all.

But of course, that would be un-American.

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