Friday, October 3, 2008

Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Those of you who have seen this classic movie probably aren't surprised that it's one we haven't recommended to our middle-school aged sons - at least not just yet.

But it seems they don't need Ferris to give them any tips about the easiest way to score a day off from school.

We're thinking that ElderSon was working on this today. And who wouldn't want to? A sunny, crisp, fall morning - a day ripe with possibilities: Mom at work and Dad is driving to Rochester to pick up his mom and bring her to her home in SW MN. Without a younger brother underfoot and parents lurking about - the sky's the limit!

Having fallen into the "I'm too sick to go to school today" trap a time or two (only to discover a miraculous complete recovery just seconds after the school bus passes by the house), DearHusband and I know that we must weigh these words very carefully when we hear them.

Allergies can certainly be helpful, especially at this pivotal point of the year before the first hard frost. Skip a day of allergy meds and one could end up with symptoms that fairly closely resemble a good cold. But we almost always know just by simply looking at our child whether he is truly sick or not.

So today, without benefit of a fever, some very convincing vomit, or even "that sick look," we took him to school, despite his complaints of being too weak to even stand up.

But I assured him that if he really felt that he was too sick to be at school, that he should have the school nurse call me at work and of course, I would come and pick him up and take him home. But I reminded him that if he's home with me and too sick to be at school, then he's too sick to watch TV, or play video games, and certainly too sick to be outside or to go anywhere (including the football game at the high school tonight). But I would make him some nice soup and allow him to get some good sleep, or to read a book. (He knows I'm not bluffing - we did this once before and he was so bored at home that he cried "uncle" long before noon and confessed that he really wasn't sick at all).

So now it's lunchtime and I haven't gotten a call from the school nurse yet ...


Mimi said...

It's a hard line to walk, I know.
I hope he's feeling better.

-C said...

Well, now the school day's about done and I never heard a word.

I think he feels just fine. Really.