Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bucket Walk

The Transposzing family missed our church's annual apple orchard outing this afternoon in order to attend the Bucket Walk at the kids' school.

For the past couple of years, Highview Middle School has financially supported a new school in Kenya. They have also looked for other ways to help the people there to lead better and healthier lives. A year ago, the school started a fundraising program called, H-2-O for Life, (if you check the link, be sure to watch the little video, which describes the need for such a project) which raises money to help with water systems and water sanitation efforts there. Today was their second annual Bucket Walk, a fundraiser for this project.

Students and and staff were encouraged to solicit pledges for this 3-mile walk (3 miles is the average distance that children and others have to walk to get clean water for their families in this part of Kenya). Bucket-carrying for this Sunday afternoon walk was optional.

YoungerSon graciously accepted the pledges which were handed to him on a silver platter - but ElderSon worked a bit harder and was able to garner much more support from several generous folks at church during coffee hour today which was, fortuitously, just before the walk.

Here are a few shots from this year's Bucket Walk:

ElderSon and YoungerSon (center and right) and ElderSon's good pal (left).

Some walkers got into the spirit of things by carrying buckets of water on their heads! (Some tried this and dumped the water all over themselves, which must have been a bit chilly for their walk on this very cool and cloudy afternoon!)

The Bucket Walk gave parents a little opportunity for some excercise and conversation, too. Here's DearHusband and the parents of some of ElderSon's friends.

Here's a lumpy-looking DearHusband (most folks put their t-shirts on over their jackets because it was COLD!) He was beating the chilly weather by walking briskly and bringing a cup of coffee along!

The most enthusiastic of the Transposzing family walkers - he was delighted that well-behaved 4-legged walkers were also invited. There were lots of dogs there and so Ollie had as much fun as the boys!

While we were sorry to have missed the apple orchard trip with folks from church, our Sunday afternoon activity was for a great cause.

I'm glad the guys wanted to participate, and glad we went and did our small part to help with this worthy project.

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