Monday, October 6, 2008

Autumnal Vacation Week

What I'm thinking of doing with this week of vacation.

Here's a menu from which I can choose:

1. Harvesting our beets and then deconstructing the garden (which I pretty much neglected especially during our dry August, anyway. So how did my parents plant a huge garden every year and do absolutely nothing to it all summer except sit back and receive it's fruits? I don't ever remember them - or us - watering it or weeding it. I just remember putting stuff in the ground and then gathering food from it a coupla months later...).

2. Painting the living room - Burning cheap oil in your vigil lamp means you get that sooty stuff on your walls...and not just the walls of the room where the vigil lamp is burning. Having a couple of rambunctious boys means paint on any surface in the house gets all nicked up. It's time.

3. Laundry. Instead of cramming it all into a single day (Saturday), this week I have the luxury of dragging the monotony out for an entire week.

4. A last minute checkover session is planned midweek to put our church cookbook in the mail to the cookbook company. They will hopefully take one ream of printed paper and a CD with some images on it and turn it into a lovely little cookbook for members of our church and their friends and family. I find myself thankful that they will send us a proof copy in a month, so we will have one last chance to save ourselves from the dreaded page of "errata" which is tucked into most church cookbooks I have.

5. Work a little - or a lot - on an icon I started, which has a long way to go. (I'm currently on the 8th do-over of one section. A section which should be one of the simplest parts of all, but which I can't seem to get right...). This morning I saw some inspiration here.

6. Perhaps try and grab a cup of catch-up coffee with my friend, "you-can-just-call-me-Bob-now."

7. Host a "come and get it" old hymnal giveaway for a seminary student friend and his cronies. We need the bookshelf space now. I gave away a little slab (20 or more) of my old hymnals to another friend a few months ago and found that it didn't hurt a bit!

9. Go fishing with our boys one evening.

10. Sit on my duff and watch re-runs of Law and Order, with intermittent naps.


Mimi said...

Enjoy your week off. Sadly, I'd end up spending most of my time doing #10.

-C said...

Well, if number 5 doesn't start going at least a little more smoothly, #10 is exactly what I'll be doing ...

Rosko said...

What did the cookbook end up getting named? I'm sure you guys came up with a great one.

-C said...

Well, we sure batted titles around! We decided on "The Community Table." It was a bit of an impulsive selection, based upon a turn of phrase in the book's introduction, written by our priest:
"...So while this is a book that you as a worshipper at Holy Trinity may delight in sharing with friends, is first and foremost a kind of community kitchen table, where every recipe was first intended to get you fed by the loving hands of someone you know..."

A warm sentiment, we thought, and wonderful imagery.

Thanks, though, for your suggestions, Rosko - (I'm gonna let someone else decide if our priest gets a free copy of the cookbook :-)

Rosko said...

No worries, I really like that one. y'all did good. If I'm ever up in St Paul soon, after publication, I'll be sure to grab one.

Emily H. said...

-C, is your church selling the cook book online?

-C said...

Wow - I hadn't thought about that Emily. It's a great idea because we had to order way more than we are likely to need in order to get a good and affordable rate on them.

We are hoping to have them by the first or second week of December. Perhaps I will drop a note to the church's website webmaster and check into this. Seems to make great sense!

BUT - if for some reason this isn't possible or practical for us, just say the word if you would like one and I will be happy to send one to you - they will be only $10 each. You can leave a comment to this effect on any post and I will find a way to get in touch with you.