Monday, September 1, 2008


Typing, typing, typing - that's what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks.

Almost a year ago, some of us were talking at coffee hour after church one Sunday about something scrumptious which was being served that day - and about all of the other wonderful things which had been served at church in recent months. The discussion quickly evolved into a plan to put together a church cookbook. We set the deadline for recipes far, far away, thinking that recipes would dribble in for many months at a reasonable pace.

Our small committee of 3 divided the jobs up - each according to our gifts. I'm a secretary, so I volunteered to type the hard copy recipes into a consistent format and re-format the email submissions into that format. Another member of our little committee has done some work in graphic design and has experience in compiling such things into a decent presentation...I pass the formatted recipes on to her. The third committee member (our priest's wife) was appropriately put in charge of "collections," (the thought being that folks might be more receptive to her requests for recipes.)

We set a deadline of August 31 for submissions. Well, for many months nothing came in at all. Now, of course, it's raining recipes - which is wonderful - but so much for our thought that they might come in at an easy and workable pace. I've plugged away at typing recipes for a couple of days this holiday weekend, hoping to get them done. But I still have a pile left to do.

I'm weary of typing now, so I took the day off from recipes today (knowing that I get to go back to work and type all day tomorrow.) But I am pretty excited about the cookbook. It looks like it's going to be a winner. I think that almost every wonderful thing I've eaten at church might be included!

We're hoping to have it ready before Christmas.


DebD said...

I had to laugh. I'm involved with a group project too and the soft deadline was Aug. 15th. Some of us (cough) still haven't submitted our contributions.

It seems universal to wait until the last minute.

-C said...

You got that right, Deb!
But deadlines really are a wonderful thing. Without one, we'd still be waiting for anything!

Mimi said...

Usually right before the deadline is when I begin to work on something, blush.

The cookbook sounds lovely!