Thursday, September 18, 2008

Name That Book!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm currently on my church's (very small) cookbook committee. We've been plugging away at this project and are making some good headway! Soon we will meet again to get the really important stuff sorted out - what should be on the cover, what sort of categories are necessary based upon the recipes we received, where to have it copied, how to bind the book, and - not unimportantly - we have to come up with a good title for our church cookbook.

I've given this a little thought this week and I admit that I have a good bit of uneasiness about church cookbooks with titles that have too strong a connection to liturgical or Eucharistic language. I resolved that I would not bring any titles of this nature to the discussion table. (I was glad to hear my priest express the same uneasiness when it came up in conversation the other night).

So - here's a contest!

Submit your ideas for the title of our cookbook - you can submit as many suggestions as you want in the comments section of this post - and I will bring any submitted titles to our little committee for consideration. If YOUR title is chosen, I will personally purchase and send to you a copy of our new church cookbook (we are hoping to get it out by Christmas).

Please remember that I won't bring to the committee any titles with strong Eucharistic or liturgical nuances (so please, no titles like, "Take and Eat," "Make and Eat," "Bake and Eat," "Heavenly Food," "A Foretaste of the Feast to Come," etc. You see what I mean, right?) This is not to say that there can't be references to church and churchy sorts of things - it's a church cookbook after all!

The cookbook will include lots of different types of recipes: simple and more complicated dishes, fasting recipes, both sweet and savory foods, some ethnic dishes, a large variety of desserts, and even recipes for koliva and prosphora, which are just handy to have in a church cookbook!

So if anyone has a great name for a church cookbook, post it here in the comments. Who knows? You just might win a new cookbook!


Emily H. said...

Oh, I love church cookbooks. So here's my idea: Orthodox Family Meals.

Rosko said...

Wow, Emily's is so simple. I've tried THREE times now to submit a few maybe it'll submit this time:

-Food for Feasts and Fasts

-HOLY HOTDISH! (you ARE in Minnesota, ya know! That title is just "fer cute")

-Feed your Family, Feed His Flock

=Our Family Recipe-box

I had others, but I can't remember them. If I do, I'll resubmit.

-C said...

Great! Keep 'em coming!