Monday, September 1, 2008

The Fat Lady's Singing

I can hear her loud and clear.

It's over and summer has come to an (unoffical) end.

I first heard the announcement of summer's end a couple of weeks ago as the cicadas started buzzing in our back yard, encouraging me to notice the sunlight's autumnal golden hue, the seedum going to seed, and the earlier and earlier onset of darkness in the evenings.

Now it's Labor Day and the Transposzing family sits on the cusp of a new season:

DearHusband is welcoming the return of school days. As he is a work-from-home Dad, school days will be a pleasant change from the "Take me" days of summer ("Take me fishing, take me to the driving range, take me bowling, take me to the ball game.") Now there will be a new season of "Bring me" days ("Bring me my trumpet, bring me my blue notebook which I left on the coffee table, bring me my gym uniform, bring me my permission slip"). DearHusband will soon get some very well-deserved peace. His boss (my sister) will also welcome having a full-time employee back again!

ElderSon is in 8th grade this year - he gets to be one of the Big Men on Campus at the local middle school. He's been practicing his alpha-male exercises all summer on YoungerSon. ElderSon has grown about 6 inches this past summer it seems, and he has finally settled into his new lower voice, which I still have a hard time recognizing on the telephone. ElderSon confessed that he was ready to go back to school several weeks ago - we're gonna try to keep that momentum going for as long as possible ...

YoungerSon is in 6th grade this year - a new middle schooler. He reminds us every day that he is really not ready to go back to school. I suspect that if school never started again, it would be too soon for YoungerSon. He's also grown by leaps and bounds and is now about as tall as I am. As one who gets bored pretty easily with school, I'm hoping that the break between classes and a different teacher every hour will be helpful for YoungerSon. We're gonna try and get some momentum going with that one.

(As luck would have it, both of the boys and I will end up leaving the house at the same time for the next 9 months. This should make for interesting morning routines, especially the scheduling of the bathroom ..)

Labor Day is generally pretty low key for our family, giving us a "free day" before the hustle and bustle begins. We'll roast a chicken on the grill for supper, and finish the summer the same way we started it - with some marshmallows over the fire in the fire pit.

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