Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Brief Time Away

My family enjoyed a little 3-day getaway during the first part of this week. My MIL rented the lovely Medayto Lodge on Green Lake in Spicer, MN and we spent a few beautiful days fishing, yacking, relaxing, and just enjoying ourselves.

Here are a couple of photos:

The house (now a retreat center associated with Green Lake Bible Camp) sits right next door to the camp.

Thank God for patient uncles! Our BIL graciously invited our rambunctious boys out for a little fishing jaunt ON the water (instead of just next to the water!)

The ones that didn't get away! Actually there were 3 such big bass - the biggest fish our boys had ever caught. It was the highlight of the trip for them!

What was it my BIL said? "Better to have baked and burned than never to have baked at all." We had a fire in the fire pit by the lake each of the nights we were there. The first night we made s'mores, and the second night we made pies in the fire. It's a bit of an art and sometimes it take a pie or two to get them just right. This first one's a wee bit brown.

This is better! (We made apple and cherry pies that night).

We also had a wonderful dinner one evening with friends we don't get too see too often. This was a special treat - I miss them. We enjoyed a delicious meal, some decent wine, and good conversation together. (It's always a special bonus when the kids seem to hit it off, too!)

Anyway, we are back in town and I'm grateful to have the rest of the week off - to recover!


DebD said...

That looks like you had loads of fun. The house looks lovely.

Ezekiel said...

For three decades plus we've made the annual journey to the Minnesota northland with the lovely bride's family. For many years, it was us, our kids, her sister's family and their kids and grandma and grandpa (and prior to that, great grandma and great grandpa). Lots of memories of those weeks with the guys fishing, the gals stitching and reading and all of us occasionally visiting the towns around.

This summer, it was grandma, that is, my m-i-l, sister and brother in law and us. Same fishing. Lots of stitching, Some visiting the towns around. And the every other day trip to check the email in Longville at the Coffee shop.

Good fishing, cool weather, and a respite from Southern Illinois' "warm" summers.

During these months and the winter months, we remember as we partake of fish caught in those cool waters ... :)

(We do NOT miss MN winters, though!)