Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Variety: The Spice of Life

Several years ago I planted a clematis at the foot of the light pole in our front yard. It did well there, but the flowers were only visible from the street and not from the house. So a couple of years later I purchased another purple clematis and planted it at the back side of the light pole, so that we could see the flowers from the house, too.
Silly me - I thought a purple clematis was a purple clematis and that they'd "match." Well, they don't. The second plant I planted blooms first with huge flowers that are blue-ish purple. When that one's about done blooming the first one I planted begins to bloom - with smaller reddish purple flowers.

They both were splendid this year - at different times and in different shades of purple - but splendid!


DebD said...

They're both very beautiful.

Mimi said...