Thursday, July 17, 2008

Memory Eternal

I mention here with sadness the passing of Ruth Manz, who died this past Tuesday. Ruth is the wife of noted Lutheran church musician, Dr. Paul Manz.

As a former Lutheran church musician, I was honored (and thrilled!) to have met the Manzs in November of 2002, when I started working in my current job at the church he had served for some 37 years as its first Cantor, and at which he is now Cantor Emeritus. Through my work I have been privileged to see and visit with both of the Manzs from time to time.

This wonderful piece, "E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come," is arguably Dr. Manz's most beloved choral composition...but it's a lesser known fact that Ruth Manz actually arranged the text for it.

Here's an interesting and charming article written about the anthem and how it came to be written, and which gives readers a little glimpse of this gracious woman of faith. (The boy in the story, John, is now a pastor at the church from which Ruth will be buried on Sunday).

May her memory be eternal.


Rosko said...

A wonderful piece of music. I was in the Concordia University-St Paul Music program for 2 years, and I can still sing along with the Bass part for it.

O Lord, look with mercy upon your newly departed servant, Ruth.

-Harry (also a former Lutheran)

William Weedon said...

Thanks so much, -C, for posting this. May Ruth's memory indeed be eternal! Like Rosko I also sang it in both choir and seminary, and we've sung it here at St. Paul's as well. I've linked the video with HT to you on my blog.

-C said...

What Lutheran choral singer has not sung this? I sang it in high school (back in the day when you could still sing sacred music in the public schools), in college, with the local seminary choir during the year I studied there, and also pulled it out many times for own own choir to sing when I was doing that work.

This piece has already proved that it will last - it's become an important part of the Lutheran choral tradition.

Thanks for the nod, Pr. Weedon!

Mimi said...

Memory Eternal.

Rosko said...

You're guaranteed to hear it as the closer to any CSP Choral Concert. It's a tradition. I'm glad to know that it's had such a far reach. I'm still too young to comprehend religion in public schools.