Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three Turkeys for the Turkey

Our boys had a great time participating with their cousins in a fall/winter/spring bowling league this past year, and so when the league was overwith, we decided to join an 8-week family league for the summer.

DearHusband and I thought it would be a good family activity - something we can do together before our teenager and tweenager would rather spend time with others, and something which would get us up and moving at least once a week, and something which would keep the guys in shape until their league starts again this fall.

We're all pretty crummy bowlers, really - but we've had a great time. The boys, particularly ElderSon, are actually getting better!

I took a semester of bowling in college to fulfill a Phy Ed requirement, but had no idea back then that those skills would ever really come in handy. But tonight - for the third week in a row, I got a turkey (three strikes in a row)! As you can see by the photo, they came in handy as this game was not going so well.

Never underestimate the value of a good midwestern Lutheran liberal arts education!

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