Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Natal Day Greeting

Yesterday evening got completely away from me and I meant to post a birthday greeting to this wonderful man - who has been my best friend for nearly thirty years, and my husband for nearly fifteen.

(Belated) happy birthday to DearHusband!

His age?

Now (and for the next 4 months) the same as mine!


Emily H. said...

That's fun, -C! Ben and I are the same age until his birthday (and two months after) when I like to tease him that I'm married to an "older" man. :P I guess we're the reverse of your situation. I hope you had a nice birthday celebration together.

Mimi said...

Many Years and Happy Birthday!

I'm like Emily, I turn the same age Dh is in August, and then he turns the next one up in December