Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's a Wrap!

It was a very busy weekend for the Transposzing family!

We spent much of Saturday at Birch Lake Camp (just outside Elk River, MN - a mere 45 minutes from home) with other members of our church. No specific agenda for the day except for some relaxation and fellowship in a place removed from home. It was a lovely setting, affording the 30 or so who came a chance to swim, canoe, fish, play some ball, gab, read, eat, and enjoy a gorgeous day at the lake.

We also prayed Vespers together in the first outdoor Orthodox worship service I've ever attended. It was nice, actually - the camp (I think it belongs to a local LCMS congregation) had a little bonfire area with amphitheatre sort of seating (like many Lutheran Bible Camps do). Fr. Jonathan assembled a little makeshift outdoor sanctuary utilizing a weathered old bench and a log from the stash of wood nearby, and an icon and candle he'd brought along for the service. It was lovely, really.

And it worked very well for Vespers in this setting.

We left the camp shortly after supper and made it home before a brief but substantial thunderstorm broke - leaving us enough time to put away our stuff from camp and give our sons their summer haircuts.

Pentecost liturgy this morning was beautiful, a friend was received as a communicant into our parish by chrismation, and a lovely luncheon followed the service.

Immediately after liturgy, DearHusband and I sped off to another Orthodox Church for SpiritFest, an every-other-year event sponsored by our local Orthodox Clergy Association to help introduce Orthodox Christianity to curious locals who wish to learn more about it. There were lectures given at various points throughout the afternoon, smaller sessions with brief introductions to Orthodox worship and Sacraments, parishes were invited to bring a few icons from their churches to contribute to a large display, and each parish was asked to bring a display board with information and photos from their own church. Two of my artsiest friends (one of whom is also a member of our church) and I assembled the display for our church. Actually, my artsy friends did most of the grunt labor - my contributions were more conceptual (as I told our priest, I spent alot of time pointing and nagging and barking out orders). But the display turned out well and I think gave a farily decent representation of our church and its worship and parish life. Here's our display:

(One of the panels is a bit obscured, as there were people standing near me, so I had to take the photo from a side angle. But if you want a closer look, click on the image).

SpiritFest ended with a Vespers service at 5 p.m. - but ... it's Father's Day (and the father of my kids had to staff the display for much of the afternoon) and we'd sort of been on the run all weekend, my Sunday-morning-headache had hung on well into the afternoon, and our kids had been home on their own about long enough, we thought. We briefly considered staying for the Vespers service ... and then decided to go home and get the boys, grab a coupla Ibuprofin and join another couple from church for beer and hot wings, instead.

So the weekend's over and while our laundry and housework didn't get done, our lawn didn't get mowed, and the weekly groceries didn't get purchased, thanks be to God that we have enough clothes to find something clean to wear in the morning, that we have several days to get he house in order before out-of-town guests arrive, that our neighbor's lawn is longer than ours, and that we have food enough in the pantry and freezer to keep us fed for the time being.

I'm actually sort of ready to go back to work this week.


Mimi said...

Beautiful display, and gorgeous place for Vespers!

Happy Feast!

DebD said...

What a lovely place to do a service.