Monday, June 2, 2008


A return to the weather I've missed for over six months!

The Transposzing family used this beautiful weekend to work in the gardens and the yard a little, hang out some laundry (which always makes the clothes smell wonderful - but makes the towels just a little crunchy!), and relax outside.

Last night: hot dogs over the fire, followed by marshmallows when the coals were just right!

Is there any man more handsome than the one who comes bearing a platter of food?

The perfect marshmallow!

Another family member who was happy to be outside.

But of course, it's always fun until someone gets hurt. At the end of a nice evening in the yard, YoungerSon (standing a little too close to the action at the tee-off), got popped in the chops with ElderSon's golf club. It appears to be just a good clip on the chin, not harming any teeth or anything. But he's got a great, enormous bruise for presentation at school today.

His chin looks a bit like Jay Leno's - with a huge bruise! this morning, but we're thinking he's going to be OK.

(Evening update: It looks oh so much nastier now that it's about 24 hours later, so I updated it for the most current view possible!)


DebD said...

Great pictures and it looks like a lot of fun! I agree -that looks like the perfect marshmallow. Hope your son is feeling better today.

Mimi said...

That IS the perfect marshmallow. Yum!

Poor guy, I hope he feels better. that's quite the shiner (is it only a shiner around the eye?)

Emily H. said...

It's not Summer until someone gets hurt - Summer came to our house too. Still it looks like you all had a fun time.
I missed the picture of you though...

Thom said...

It's always good to document these things. One day he'll have Facebook!