Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weed That In Earth is Dying

OK - I know most who frequent this blog will not understand the title of this post, but the one or two who do get it might think it's fairly witty. And it is. Fairly.

But this is just to say that our neighbor told us last weekend that he had heard on the radio that a person can kill dandelions in their yard by shooting vinegar on them. We're a practical sort of family of suburbanites, and let's face it - vinegar is alot cheaper than Round-Up (better for the environment, too!), so DearHusband thought he'd give it a try.

This afternoon he armed himself with the special squirtgun-for-lawn-care-products - full of ammunition - and waged vinegar war on the dandelions on one half of the yard.

This evening the dandelions he got are all quite wilted and dying.

Unfortunately, so is the grass around them.

Collateral damage, I guess.


Christopher D. Hall said...

Congratulations on killing God's creation! :P Kidding.

But my perverse desire to be "in" on the "in things" leads me to ask: what's the reference of your title!

-C said...

We didn't kill any more of God's creation than the dog has - if you know what I mean. Actually, it looks rather like the dog's handiwork anyway.

The post title was a lame parody on a newish hymn from the ELCA's new book - "Seed That In Earth is Dying." Most of the few who stop by here are Orthodox and so totally wouldn't get the reference, but a couple Lutherans stop from time to time, too - only those really up on current hymnody would have picked it up. I just checked the LCMS's new book and this hymn isn't in there. .. It's actually a decent little hymn.

Good of you to stop by, Pr. Hall! (I've been meaning to respond to a recent post of yours ...)

Mimi said...

I was watching a friend's daugther the other day and tried to teach her to blow dandelion bulbs, Dh was aghast.

I think they are pretty.