Monday, May 12, 2008

Vinyl Replacement Project

Several years ago, in a fit of despondency that we no longer had a functioning turntable on which to play all of the LPs I had collected in high school and college, I sold almost all of my old vinyl for a buck an album at a garage sale.

It was an ecclectic collection of lots of different music which I loved for various reasons but hadn't been able to listen to in years. Folk, Big Band, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Choral - lots of fun stuff.

This has made things easy for our sons on all gift-giving occasions in the last couple of years. They simply ask, "OK, which one do you want next?" and I spend a day or two deciding which of my old music I miss the most and then give them a title. They get it for me on CD.

Mother's Day this year? Manhattan Transfer.


Dixie said...

-C...indeed sometimes I think we are cybertwins separated at the birth of the Internet. MANHATTAN TRANSFER!!! I loved them. Sendin' out an SOS, somebody save me, somebody rescue me. That'll be in my head all day now.

I think you'll appreciate this story. My former Lutheran church had a garage sale once to raise money for the youth to go to the National Youth Gathering and I went to help for the day. Walking through the tons of stuff I spied a box of cassette tapes...and I thought...this is the best collection of tapes I have ever seen! Turns out they was ours. My husband had put them in the sale!!!

I still have my old vinyls...but the tapes are history.

-C said...

Ha! This IS funny! I confess that I have unknowingly placed some of DearHusband's precious stuff on a garage sale or two, too. Now he reserves the right to be the first shopper and remove anything to which he is somehow emotionally or practically attached.

Truly, Dixie - I suspect we really are cyber-sisters! If any of your work or fun travels ever take you to the Twin Cities, you'd better drop me an email! How fun it would be to meet you!