Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thoughts on the Liturgy

"This is one reason I thank God for the liturgy. The liturgy does not target any age or cultural subgroup. It does not even target this century. (It does not imagine, as we moderns and postmoderns are tempted to do, that this is the best of all possible ages, the most significant era of history.) Instead, the liturgy draws us into worship that transcends our time and place... It has been prayed meaningfully by bakers, housewives, tailors, teachers, philosophers, priests, monks, kings, and slaves. As such, it has not been shaped to meet a particular group's needs. It seeks only to enable people — people in general — to see God."

Mark Galli, from his recent book, Beyond Bells and Smells: The Wonder and Power of Christian Liturgy.

HT to Matt (Disclaimer: the political views expressed on his blog are not necessarily the views held by this blogger).

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