Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Month Behind

That's what the weather-folks are saying. Seems with our cold and rainy and snowy spring, we are about a month behind in the growing season of where we normally are by this time. Works out well, I guess - I'm about a month behind in getting out in to the yard, too!

This past Saturday was the first decent weekend day to get out there and do a little work, cleaning out the perennial bed, removing a couple of very old mock-orange bushes which didn't make it through our long winter, replacing them with some more colorful weigelia, calling upon my old pal Gern to cough up some of her perennials to add to the little garden, pulling some weeds, putting up the trellises, and planting my little flower boxes for the deck.

Sadly, for each thing I got done this weekend, two things didn't get done. We still have to get the little garden plot out back tilled so I can get my tomatoes in the ground early this week. We bought an earlier variety this year - since we are already a month behind and everything. I'm hoping to actually get some ripe tomatoes before the snow flies again this fall.

Here's a shot of a couple of tiny iris I uncovered when I removed the leaves from the perennial bed.

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Emily H. said...

Oh, I'm sore after pulling weeds... reading all the things you're doing is making me feel a little stiff! Good luck on your tomatoes!