Monday, April 28, 2008

What Do You Do ...

... when life gives you red eggs?

Why, make pink egg salad for lunch, of course!

At the end of the Pascha liturgies on Holy Saturday/early Pascha morning and at the Agape Vespers service late Pascha morning, it is traditional for the priest to give worshippers a red egg when they come to venerate the cross after liturgy. Well, by the time Agape Vespers came along, we were very low on red eggs. Though a member brought a few up at the last minute, I was toward the end of the line to receive a blessing and we had apparently run out. So I got a pink plastic egg filled with Dove chocolate eggs - plus a shrug and a smile!

Thankfully, we had dyed plenty of red eggs for our basket, so that the kids would have some to play the "egg game" with, and so we had a bunch left over anyway.

I'm thinking that we will have enough left to make a few pink deviled eggs, too!

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