Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weaving Palms

Lazarus Saturday is always a busy day for folks from our parish. After Liturgy this morning, we gathered for a wonderful lenten lunch and then got to the work of making palm crosses for the liturgy tomorrow.

Most of us spent our time working on the small crosses which worshippers will take home from church with them tomorrow.

But the real palm experts spent their time making lovely woven palm fans for the Palm Sunday procession, which are normally carried by our clergy. I'm always just amazed at these - watching how they are made and at how beautiful they are.

Following palm weaving was choir rehearsal, a brief stop at home...then back for Vespers this evening at 5.


Monica said...

I've never seen such fans! Crosses, yes, but not huge fans.

You have a great blog and I look forward forward to visiting again.


-C said...

I just love those processional palm fans - next year, I'm sitting at their table!

I'll try to post a photo of the fans in procession, too. My youngest is sick today and I stayed back from liturgy with him - but I sent the camera with my husband. We'll see how he did!

Thanks for visiting, Monica!

Mimi said...

Me neither! I've not seen them. But, I love this photo and the one of them completed in the procession. Thank you!

Mimi said...
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