Saturday, April 26, 2008

Say Cheese!

My favorite grocery shopping trip all year is the trip to shop for food for our Pascha basket!

I am not the grocery shopper at our house. I mean, I would do it if I had to, but why bother when there's someone in the house who actually likes to do it? So I rarely tag along on the Saturday sojourn to the grocery store.

But THIS annual trip to the store is one I wouldn't miss.

Our grocery store opened a cheese bar full of wonderful international cheese since last Pascha - and I confess that I was fairly trembling there during this trip - like a kid in a candy store! And I was hard pressed to nail down only a few favorites - it all looked scrumptious. I managed to keep it to about 4 varieties.

We try to keep our Pascha basket pretty simple: a nice hunk of sausage of some sort, a little variety of cheeses, a traditional bread (which we rarely eat, but which every basket should have - our bread is usually something disguised as kulich. This year's imposter was prepared yesterday), a few boiled bright red eggs, a nice bottle of wine for us (and a sparkling beverage of some sweet juice for the boys), some chocolate, a few newly budded greens from the yard, and a few pysanky to give away to those who visit our table at the agape meal after liturgy.

Assembing our Pascha basket is apparently an art form - and DearHusband is our Pascha basket artist. He spends much time on Holy Saturday evening arranging and re-arranging, getting everything placed just so - making sure all of its contents are visible and strategically placed to be visually appealing - sort of like Pascha basket Feng Shui. He's just completed it - now all we have to do is hope that the altar boys are careful with our basket as they bring it out for blessing at the end of liturgy, so that they don't disrupt the basket's chi.


Mimi said...

It looks gorgeous!

Christ is Risen! Blessings of the Feast to you and yours! Enjoy Bright week!

Dwight P. said...

Christos Aneste!

I think speaking about the chi of a Pascha basket has got to be one of the strangest juxtapositions I've heard this Week! Congratulations.


-C said...

Alithos anesti!

Why thank you, Dwight - I worked hard at finding just the right word ...

DearHusband's work paid off, I guess. The day after Pascha we got an nice email from a sweet lady at church, with a picture which she had taken of our basket when they were all blessed after liturgy.

There'll be no keeping him down next Pascha!