Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Scouring the web this afternoon in search of a decent-looking vegan recipe to bring to potluck at church tomorrow evening I came upon several interesting vegan sites.

But as I peruse these sites, I can tell that the fast is wearing a bit thin for me. Little of what I see sounds or looks good at the moment (and I haven't even had supper yet). I'm fairly weary now of pasta and beans and rice and nuts and fruit and vegetables and most of the combinations which involve these things.

And glancing through the recipes online and seeing ingredients such as tofu, soy milk, miso, peanut butter, rice milk, margarine, nutritional yeast, seitan, and others reminds me why I almost always passed on the opportunity to attend a lenten potluck with DearHusband (before I was Orthodox myself). I just thought the food was way too weird. So now it's payback time for all of those judgemental comments about lenten foods for all those years, I guess.

Click: yuck, click: yuck, click: yuck.

What a spoiled and ungrateful brat I am.

Still - given the choice between a nice honey locust-leaf salad and locusts and wild honey, I'd take the salad every time.


mamajuliana said...

I know the feeling! We have a potluck every Wednesday after Presanctified Liturgy...pickin's are getiin' kinda slim...

So far I have made Serbian rice pilaf, soy chili, soy sloppy joes, and something else that was so boring I can't remember!

Tonight's entry in the lenten cook off is Imjadara-Rooz (Lentils with Rice.) It is my first try at this...and my first try are Middle Eastern cooking. I am so nervous-there are so many great Middle Eastern cooks in our parish. The recipe is from my godmother-she trusts me!

-C said...

We also have a potluck every Wednesday evening after liturgy at our church - and the dishes I have brought have been so forgetable that I have forgotten them - seriously!

But the important thing for me to remember in my whining is that I come, I worship, and I am fed - in lots of ways besides just what I eat after church.

Mimi said...

I must admit, I don't mind Lenten food that much, but do miss non-Lenten food.