Friday, April 25, 2008

Great and Holy Friday

Today, is suspended upon the Cross,
He Who suspended the Earth upon the waters.

A crown of thorns crowns Him,
Who is the King of the angels.

He, Who wrapped the Heavens in clouds,
is clothed with the purple of mockery.

He, Who freed Adam in the Jordan,
received buffetings.

He was transfixed with nails,
Who is the Bridegroom of the Church.

He was pierced with a lance,
Who is the Son of the Virgin.

We worship Your Passion, O Christ.

Show us also Your glorious Resurrection!

- XVth Antiphon from the Matins of Holy Friday


Mimi said...

A blessed Holy Friday to you.

DebD said...

That is a stunning photo. Is it from your parish?

I love this antiphon too....

Christ is Risen!

-C said...

Indeed he is risen!

Yes, it is from our church. I took it on Good Friday for the Holy Week album of the photo gallery on the church website: