Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bonhoeffer on Suffering

My roots are showing.

But I found this Bonhoeffer excerpt to be compelling, as I do all of Bonhoeffer's writing. Wish I could find the book or material from which it came.

It is good to learn early on that suffering and God
are no contradiction,
but much more a necessary unity:
for me the idea that God himself suffered
was always one of the most convincing teachings
of Christianity.
I think that God is closer to suffering than to happiness,
and to find God in this manner gives peace and rest,
and a strong and courageous heart.

Jesus asks the Father
if the chalice may pass,
and the Father hears the plea of the Son.
The chalice of suffering will pass by Jesus,
but only in this way:
that it will be drunk.
Jesus knows this
when in Gethsemane he kneels down for the second time,
that the suffering will pass by
if he suffers it.
Only through the bearing
will he overcome and conquer suffering.
His cross is his surmounting.

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

HT: Seasonings of the Heart


Jason said...

Meditations on the Cross (by Bonhoeffer), page 46.

-C said...

One I don't have/haven't read...though now I think I want to.

I'll never ever say you don't know your books, Jason - thanks!

Jason said...

Actually I just took a few minutes and found the quote via the Internet, so don't give me too much credit!

It also appears that the quote is cobbled together from more than one source, as the first paragraph is found in the book I mentioned, but the second is not.

rosemary said...

The poem is from "The Mystery of Easter," by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Crossroad Publishing Company, 1997. The book appears to have a collage of writings that possibly appear in other books, but this is the particular book in which I found the poem. It's a terrific book.

Thanks for the link!