Monday, April 21, 2008

Best Laid Plans

I decided several weeks ago that I would take Holy Week off from work, so that I could try to attend ALL of the Holy Week services this year. I know that this isn't a realistic goal for me most years, but I had really hoped to try to get them all in this your to at least see what this would be like.

As it turned out, YoungerSon came down with some ugly sore throat and fever thing (again!) on Saturday afternoon. By Saturday after Vespers, we knew he wouldn't be going to liturgy for Palm Sunday, which meant one of us was going to have to be home with him.

Because I had gone to Lazarus Saturday liturgy (DearHusband and the boys having had a prior engagement), it only made sense that he should go with ElderSon on Sunday morning.

Here's a shot of my church's Palm Sunday procession from this year, which YoungerSon and I missed. (But I promised Monica I'd try and post a shot of the completed palm fans).

YoungerSon's home from school today, due to the school's "fever-free for 24 hours" rule, but he seems better. Whether or not he and ElderSon will accompany us to Bridegroom Matins this evening is uncertain ... but I'm going.


DebD said...

My 16 yr old dd was very sick last year for Pascha. I was shocked at her tears and lamentations at missing our most holy day - she cried most of the next day at any remembrance of missing it. She has talked about not wanting to miss Pascha this year for months and months. God willing, she will be with us this year.

I hope your son recovers quickly.

Mimi said...

I pray that younger son feels better soon!

-C said...

He's better - back at school today. Whatever he had seems to have been complicated by allergies. The combination laid him flat for a day and a half.
But it was blessedly short - at least this time.