Monday, March 31, 2008

What We're Supposed to Say

...when it's March 31 and this is the scene from your front steps:

Isn't it beautiful?
We really need the moisture.
It could be feet and not inches, you know!
Thank God we don't have to be anywhere.
It's OK, it'll be gone by the end of the week.
Some people live with this all of the time.

But I've lost my sense of humor about the snow now, as I always do this time of year. I might hear these Minnesota niceties when the weather's like this, but what I'm really thinking is:

I'm sick of all the world looking like an Ansel Adams portrait
I'm sick of the way it sounds and feels when my anti-lock brakes kick in
I'm sick of chapped lips and itchy shins
I'm sick of static shock
I'm sick of bringing my winter coat back out and putting it on again
I'm sick of scraping off the car
I'm sick of popsicle toes
I'm sick of all my sweaters (except one)
I'm sick of playing the thermostat game with DearHusband (did he turn it back down again???)

But what are you gonna do? (besides scrape and slide and shovel and freeze?)
Well, since we don't have to be anywhere tonight, this is what YoungerSon and DearHusband decided to do with our snowy evening:

Delicious! (And a nice, warm pretzel certainly helps to put me in a bit better mood).


Dixie said...

I am generally low carb...with one very serious exception...soft pretzels. Fortunately they are totally unavailable here in Georgia and unlike yours, my husband and sons haven't figured out they can make them...but next Saturday I travel to Bavaria again for work and I plan on indulging in a few decidedly Lenten Bretzen. (If you ever find yourself in the St. Louis area...go straight to Gus' Pretzels on Arsenal Street across from the Budweiser won't be disappointed!)

I am so sorry about the snow...and the sound of anti-lock brakes kicking in is quite dreadful. And I can sure see how enough Ansel Adams would be quite enough. If it is any consolation at's been chilly here in Georgia. I have been wearing my sandals these last couple of days but only out of sheer determination (it is after Western Easter, you know!) not because the weather is cooperating. :P

Susan Cushman said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog... I clicked on the -C to find out who you are, but alas, even here on your blog your identity is a secret! Obviously you live up north... but I'm curious who you are and how you found my blog! You can email me at

Ezekiel said...

You got the snow and we got the rain down here in Southern Illinois!

Spent serious time getting water out of the shop ... but it has finally dried up, at least for a while.

We'll see a lot of that snow down here in the St. Louis area as it melts ... rivers will be very high for a time!

Mimi said...

*WE* have even been getting snow showers (but no sticking) the last week. Crazy, I tell you.

But, I agree, pretzels will cure a lot of ills!