Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend Update

An activity-packed weekend left me very ready to go back to the routine of work yesterday morning!

On Saturday, Luther Seminary here in the Twin Cities hosted a day-long conference on Hugo Distler and his church music (this year being the centenary of his birth). For the past 6 Saturday mornings or so, I've rehearsed Distler's Totentanz with a small choir who presented the work at the end of the conference. Totentanz ("Dance of Death")is a medieval morality poem, a dialogue between Death and individual humans from all walks of life as each takes their turn "dancing" with death. It's very interesting and thought-provoking poetry which, while clearly not written from a Lutheran point of view, does provide interesting food for thought, even for those Lutherans withwhom I sang it. But aside from the particular piece which we sang, it is always a pleasure to work with and sing for Dr. Paul Westermeyer, who heads the Masters of Sacred Music Program at Luther, and with whom I used to worship regularly when I was a Lutheran. He's one of those rare individuals who is not only incredibly intellectual - a gifted teacher - but who is at the same time a really personable guy.

On Sunday, the faithful at my own parish were blessed with an archpastoral visit from our bishop. A Hierarchical Divine liturgy was held, a reader was tonsured, and a great potluck meal followed the liturgy.

ElderSon, simply by virtue of his showing up early for liturgy, was appointed to be the acolyte to hold the Bishop's prayer book during the service. While the rest of the Transposzing family spent the 15 minutes before church lighting candles and looking at music (I missed choir rehearsal the day before due to the Distler conference), ElderSon got his briefing from the subdeacon on what he was supposed to do. "First you do this, then this, then you walk over here, then you hold this, then you stand here, then you walk over here, then -then - then..." and I laughed as I listened, thinking that he would certainly never remember all of the instructions he was being given - he has a tough time remembering the few items he needs to bring to school each day.

He seemed to do pretty well, though he admitted afterward that he was very nervous. But it was obvious in talking with him about it afterward that it was a blessing to him.

Anyway, these 2 weekend involvements, combined with the other weekend commitments mentioned below, means that the Transposzing weekend household duties (like laundry and cleaning) were completely ignored this past weekend. Not such a good thing considering that our thrice-postponed houseblessing has been rescheduled for Thursday.

Guess what I'm doing this evening?

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Mimi said...

Congratulations to Oldest Son, and may it be a lovely House Blessing!